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Nursing homes, how do you choose? Assisted living, retirement centers, skilled care, intermediate care, home health; how does one make a choice? What about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Private duty nursing care is very expensive and home health has limitations. Does Medicare pay for everything? Do I have to be broke to qualify for Medicaid? What about long term care insurance? Is it too late to get it now? We hope to be able to answer all of your questions about nursing homes and other health care issues that face seniors and their families.


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What about Assisted Living and Home Health? They provide solutions for some of the elderly population and certainly have their place in the market. Presently, assisted living requires the residents to pay privately for their care and any add on services or amenities. Home Health is Medicare based and provides a limited service. Below are some links to information that will help you decide.


Assisted Living What to expect and how to choose between providers.


Home Health Who pays and what kind of services can I expect?


Long Term Insurance Will they pay? Is it too late to enroll?


How do I know a nursing home is where I should be?

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Your family doctor may be the one to recommend a nursing home. It may be a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon, an oncologist, a diabetes specialist, who recommends a nursing home. Sometimes family members are called upon, by siblings or parents, to help make choices. Once the decision has been made, there are some things to do first.


Traditions Health Care is a management company that specializes in long-term care and therapy. They are an excellent resource for the state of Utah.


Find out which nursing homes are in the area where you would like to place your loved one.

State by state guide

A Utah only guide


Some things to be considered about the location should include street traffic. A busy downtown commercial area may not be the best place for a nursing home. Who is going to visit and how often? If there are family members spread out, it may be best to centralize a location. Are there medical facilities within an hours’ drive? Look at the area you’ve chosen from an aesthetic viewpoint. Is it pretty? Is there a view from the building? Is there an outside area in which to walk and visit?

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The very next thing you should do is tour the nursing home. Look for cleanliness. Are there unpleasant odors? Given the nature of nursing homes there may be an occasional odor, but it shouldn’t linger about. Watch how the staff interact with the residents. A good time to go is at meal times. This way you not only get to see the staff interact but you also get to see what the food is like. Believe me, food is one thing we all enjoy right up to the very last. Evenings and weekends are good times to go. You can view the staff in their “natural habitat” without all the bosses around.


All nursing homes have the same requirements for safety, fire suppression, exits, emergency lighting, and these types of things. The biggest differences are in the staff.


After or during your tour of the nursing home, you should visit with other family who have loved ones there. How do they like it? What helped them choose this nursing home? What don’t they like about it? What do they really like about it? Tell them you are shopping for yourself and see if they have any advice.


Finally, follow your heart. You will have a feel after you visit a couple, which one is right for you and your loved one. Have faith in that little voice in the back of your head.

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