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No matter what you hear or may have heard, assisted living is NOT the same as nursing home care.  Staffing levels are lower.  Supervision and services are less than those provided in a nursing home.  Nursing homes have far greater standards to meet and have closer oversight by state and federal agencies.  But, because assisted living is part of the long term care community and they do have a valued place, we have included this page as a reference for you to make a comparison.


There are many, many different assisted living buildings around.  They vary from the great big, new one by Marriott to the basement of someone’s house.  Shop around, ask questions about care levels, charges, add ons, etc.


Here is more information:


            Assisted Living Federation of America Home Page


            Assisted Living Info


            Welcome to the National Center for Assisted Living


            Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living


After all your looking and asking the right questions, if assisted living is not for you, then go to the professionals at some of the local nursing homes and see if they can provide the services that you actually need. 


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