Iron County Nursing Home

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I go about getting a person into your nursing home?

It’s really very easy.  We would coordinate with the person’s physician and get orders for admission, which would include, medications, treatments, activities, diets, and any advance directives.  Arrangements would then be made for transportation to the nursing home.  We’re more than happy to provide transportation.  In the event that the person to be admitted was cognitively impaired or incompetent to make their own decisions, it is imperative that someone be designated a responsible party and they would help in the admission process.


How do I pay for nursing home costs?

            Nursing home care is paid for in four basic ways. 

1.Medicare is a qualifying insurance program with limited benefits.  A person has to qualify for coverage and then it is for a limited amount of time.  Typically, the first 20 days of a Medicare approved stay are paid for 100%.   The next 80 days, the person is responsible for a co-pay amount and Medicare pays for the balance.   Many supplemental insurances are available that will pay the co-pay. 

2.Medicaid is a state assistance program for those with limited income.  Requirements vary from state to state, but usually if monthly income is less than $2000 and assets are also less than this, a person would qualify.  There are many different individual scenarios and exceptions to the rules.  We have a person whose responsibility is to assist families in applying for Medicaid as well as other programs.

3.Private pay is for those who don’t qualify for any government programs and pay “out of pocket” for each day.  Rates vary widely from region to region.  For our current rate contact Daren, our administrator.  Each facility has different policies regarding add-ons, supplies, extra care, etc.  It is important to understand these when comparing prices.

4.Long-term insurance is available in the market place.  Do your homework when buying.  Make sure that it covers “custodial care” or the routine assistance given on a daily basis.  Many policies have exclusions or limitations regarding day–to-day care.


What services can I expect from the nursing home?

Generally, the nursing home provides for the daily needs of each resident.  Meals, medications, activities, therapies, and laundry are provided for each resident.  No nursing home will guarantee the safety or well-being of any individual resident.  There are too many variables out of their control.  However, you should expect and receive honest, decent care for your loved one.


What if I have a problem and I can’t get anyone to listen to me?

There are resources available to residents and families so that grievances can be addressed.  Before you go out of the building, give the staff a chance to respond to your concerns.  If they can’t or won’t, then go wherever you need to gain results.  In the event of abuse or if you are afraid for the safety of your loved one, do something NOW!!


Where do I get answers to other questions?

            There are many resources available to prospective nursing home consumers.  Much more information is available at  Also, feel more than welcome to contact Daren, our administrator.  He’ll help you find answers.