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Many nursing services can be provided in your home.Home health does an excellent job at this.However, they do have limitations on what services they can provide and for how long.If you or your loved one can stay at home, thatís great, that is where people belong.When the time comes that home health is no longer an option, you will want to start looking at nursing homes.


Because home health is an option, we have included some resources here:


††††††††††† Home Health, Hospice, & Elder Care - Home Health, Hospice, and Elder Care Home Page


††††††††††† Utah Home Health Coalition


††††††††††† - Home Health Compare - Home


There are many home health companies listed in the phone book who will be glad to give you more information.


If home health isnít an option, Iron County Nursing Home can provide the services you need.For more information, please contact our administrator, Daren Lauritzen, by e-mail or by phone at 435-477-3615.


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