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Iron County Nursing Home, one of the best nursing homes in Southern Utah.  Located in the picturesque town of Parowan, Utah, just 20 minutes north of Cedar City, and about one hour north of sunny St. George, Utah.

Those who snow ski are familiar with Parowan, because Brian Head Ski Resort is just up the canyon from us about 20 minutes.  More and more bicycle enthusiasts are coming to the area as well.


     The Annual Fourth of July Picnic


Like most nursing homes, we provide a variety of care and services.  What’s the difference then, you ask?  In a nutshell, STAFF.  That’s right.  The rules and regulations are the same for all of us.  Buildings differ a little depending on the age and upkeep, but the most important difference is in the people who work there.  And do you know why are staff are different?  It’s because we’re in Parowan, Utah.   That’s right, Smalltown, USA.  The population of Parowan is about 2600 people.  Our staff is stable.  We have people who have worked here for 20 years. 


Nursing homes, assisted living, retirement centers, and such; have sprung up all over Southern Utah.  Parowan has kept that small town flavor and feel.  Neighbors not only know one another, they actually speak.  When you go to the post office to pick up your mail, it’s a social event.  These same values, yes I said values, are reflected in the way we care for those in our nursing home.


But, we’re not so far from the hustle and bustle and sophistication of the city.  Look where we are:


Map of Parowan Use the zoom bar on the right side to zoom in and out.


Cedar City Information


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Okay, back to nursing home stuff.  How to choose?  Well, check out our sister site, for lots more information and answers to your questions.


Let’s talk money.  Our rates are the most competitive in Southern Utah.  How?  We manage our nursing home efficiently.  Nobody here drives a Cadillac.  We are certified for Medicare and Medicaid.  We operate out of a building that was built in 1953.  It’s older and not as fancy as some of the newer ones, but our overhead is also lower.  We’re small, 31 beds, but that means we have more time for each resident.  Our staff not only know each resident intimately, but they know family members as well.

                        Local Elementary School Students Visiting


These children are from the local elementary school.  The teachers make it a point to include trips top the Nursing Home part of their education.  Can you say “compassion and service”?  Look above the children.  The gingerbread men that you se hanging there were made by another class and brought up to each one of the residents by the child who made it.


What’s the bottom line?  We’re one of the best.  We’re one of the least expensive.  We would like to serve you.  It doesn’t matter where your loved one is right now.  We’ve gone to California, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho to get new residents.  Utah has no residency requirement for Medicaid.  The bad news, for the last ten or so years, we’ve had a waiting list, because of who we are and the care we provide.  But, all is not lost.  Give us a call.  We do have vacancies from time to time.  If you have questions, contact our administrator, Daren Lauritzen by e-mail, or call at 435-477-3615.  If after hours, call and staff will give you his cell phone number.


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