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Intermediate Care


Sometimes referred to as ďcustodial careĒ, intermediate care reflects the care given each day to help the resident with ďADLísĒ or activities of daily living.You do ADLís every day for yourself.You brush your teeth, wash your face, shower or bathe, eat your meals, use the toilet, and take your medications.These are all functions that sometimes as we grow older we lose the ability to perform for ourselves.When someone else does them for us, they are providing intermediate care.


As of today, very few outside sources exist to pay for intermediate care, with the exception of Medicaid.Intermediate care is provided in different setting as well.Assisted Living facilities, some retirement centers, and of course, nursing homes all provide different levels of assistance.


Typically, a nursing home will be appropriate when the resident in question has lost the ability to take their own medications or recognize them.Mobility is an issue regarding the safety of the resident and is generally a determining factor in deciding placement.If the resident is confused or combative, or needs extensive supervision with ADLís, a nursing home is proper placement.


In most of the United States nursing homes in general will be older than the assisted living facilities.Donít place your loved one based upon pretty tablecloths and nice pictures on the wall.Yes, no matter where you go should be clean and tidy, but donít sacrifice care for window dressing.



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