Iron County Nursing Home


Text Box: Skilled therapy helps people recover from debilitating accidents or injuries.  It can be short term post-op or long term care.
 Physical therapy helps recover “gross motor” function, things like walking, turning, transferring, and balance.

Occupational therapy often addresses “fine motor” function; things like buttoning your shirt, driving your car, detailed series of movements as well as addressing positioning and other helps.

Speech therapy not only deals with communication but with swallowing and other rehab dealing with the throat.






Text Box: Hospice is a Medicare benefit that can be used from one day to a year.  People choose to die in as many ways as they choose to live.  Hospice helps in making those choices and gives directions to caregivers.  Together; the family, the resident, the physician, the clergy person, and the care-giving team discuss the options available.  

Quality of life is stressed more than the quantity.  Many want to spend their last days free from pain, doubt, guilt, and worry.  Working together, we can help make this possible.


Text Box: Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease



Text Box: So what do we do with the person who can’t enjoy all the things they used to do?  There are so many degrees and variations in dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Who decides who goes into the “secure area” or not?  

We make it simple!  All of our patients enjoy the entire building and the grounds.  Safeguards are taken for those who might wander, but staff training makes it possible for us not to “isolate” any of our residents



Respite and Adult Day Care

Respite care is available from one day to fourteen days.  It allows the primary caregiver, usually a family member, the opportunity to get away for a short time.  Day care is an alternative for the caregiver who just needs a break during the daytime.  Both options are short-term solutions to prevent burnout for the primary caregiver.

Recreational  Therapy

A licensed Recreational Therapist evaluates each resident and completes an interest survey.  Once this is  completed, activities are suggested that will be of interest to each resident.  In addition to group activities, much time is spent one-on-one to see that each person is addressed and included in doing activities of interest.


Therapeutic Diets

A Registered Dietician, with the assistance of our Food Service Supervisor, evaluates each new resident to find out their likes and dislikes, any allergies, and just exactly how they like their food prepared.  They check to see if any dietary limitations are in place from the physician, armed with this information, the kitchen staff go about preparing culinary wonders for our residents.  Seriously, we are one of the best places in town to have lunch.


Resident Services

We have one person designated as a Resident Representative.  Their purpose is to assist residents and their families with the admission process, answer Medicare and Medicaid questions and help fill out applications.  We also will help manage resident funds if requested by the resident or the family.